New story: A Conversation in Silence

My fantasy story ‘A Conversation in Silence’ is now up at Fictional Pairings. You can read it for free and listen to the accompanying music.

It’s a quirky fairytale that puts a twist on the genre by focusing on a young female who suffers from anxiety and communication issues. She also has a pet dragonling!

Istred’s father held a ball in his castle every fortnight, attempting to find a suitor that would capture her heart; to no avail. Istred found it difficult to speak with those she met – she didn’t know what to say, or when to say it. She also found it difficult to look them in the eye – it felt strange, and made focusing on their words tougher.



New story: Stop, Thief!

I have a new fantasy story over on Bewildering Stories, which can be read for free.

‘Stop, Thief!’ features a young woman being chased through the streets by a pair of thief catchers employed by an auctioneers.

“Good effort, girl,” a gruff voice commended her.

Roanne didn’t let the man’s sarcastic praise get to her. She used the tools at her disposal; it was just unfortunate that all she had were stinky dustbins. She lifted one up that felt half-full and hurled it around behind her. When she let go, it scattered its slippery innards along the floor and knocked one of the thief catchers onto his backside.



New stories: horror drabbles

I have not one, or two, but five drabbles in the 34th issue of The Sirens Call eZine, which is available now. They all embody the dark fiction theme of ‘Feel the Fear’.

  1. The Giant’s Heart
  2. The Performance of a Lifetime
  3. B is for Blood
  4. Missing the Boat
  5. Weird is the New Normal

Finn missed the last boat leaving the village. On a steep hill that led down to the small harbor, he leaned against a stone wall gasping for breath while forlornly watching his salvation sail away.

You can read the eZine here: The Sirens Call #34

New story: The Goddess of the Void

My 100 word fantasy story ‘The Goddess of the Void’ is up on The Drabble.

I went quite lyrical with this one. It’s a little piece about a mysterious figure who goes around during the twilight hours gathering moments with a bucket and spade.

“She skips across the edges of paving stones and playfully traces a finger along the lines between bricks in walls.”

First story in print


It’s a very exciting moment when one of your stories appears in print for the first time. My 1,800 word fantasy story, ‘Keep it Secret or it will Disappear’, is in Issue 12 of Fantasia Divinity Magazine. It features a blacksmith’s apprentice who likes drawing in her spare time, and she gets into a spot of trouble when she searches for a rare bird in the nearby forest…


Fantasia Divinity Magazine – Issue 12, July 2017

The first post

So, I’ve set up a website. Here it is. It’s going to feature info about my speculative stories and links to the magazines/websites where they’ve been published. Also, I might post some fifty word stories, which I write to practice techniques and experiment with different styles.

I’ll leave you with a photo taken in a nearby forest (Cannock Chase), which inspires a lot of my writing: