New stories: horror drabbles

I have not one, or two, but five drabbles in the 34th issue of The Sirens Call eZine, which is available now. They all embody the dark fiction theme of ‘Feel the Fear’.

  1. The Giant’s Heart
  2. The Performance of a Lifetime
  3. B is for Blood
  4. Missing the Boat
  5. Weird is the New Normal

Finn missed the last boat leaving the village. On a steep hill that led down to the small harbor, he leaned against a stone wall gasping for breath while forlornly watching his salvation sail away.

You can read the eZine here: The Sirens Call #34

New story: The Goddess of the Void

My 100 word fantasy story ‘The Goddess of the Void’ is up on The Drabble.

I went quite lyrical with this one. It’s a little piece about a mysterious figure who goes around during the twilight hours gathering moments with a bucket and spade.

“She skips across the edges of paving stones and playfully traces a finger along the lines between bricks in walls.”