New story: A Conversation in Silence

My fantasy story ‘A Conversation in Silence’ is now up at Fictional Pairings. You can read it for free and listen to the accompanying music.

It’s a quirky fairytale that puts a twist on the genre by focusing on a young female who suffers from anxiety and communication issues. She also has a pet dragonling!

Istred’s father held a ball in his castle every fortnight, attempting to find a suitor that would capture her heart; to no avail. Istred found it difficult to speak with those she met – she didn’t know what to say, or when to say it. She also found it difficult to look them in the eye – it felt strange, and made focusing on their words tougher.



New story: Stop, Thief!

I have a new fantasy story over on Bewildering Stories, which can be read for free.

‘Stop, Thief!’ features a young woman being chased through the streets by a pair of thief catchers employed by an auctioneers.

“Good effort, girl,” a gruff voice commended her.

Roanne didn’t let the man’s sarcastic praise get to her. She used the tools at her disposal; it was just unfortunate that all she had were stinky dustbins. She lifted one up that felt half-full and hurled it around behind her. When she let go, it scattered its slippery innards along the floor and knocked one of the thief catchers onto his backside.